The end of 2016: A year in review

So…2016 is coming to an end (and for some of us, already has). It’s been a rough year, for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons.

We all know what’s made the year difficult for us. It seems like horrible news has been plastered everywhere, at all times.

Since we all remember what’s made the year tough, I thought I’d focus on the good in this post. I’d like to share some personal accomplishments and merits, and I invite you to do the same. This blog post was inspired by a friend’s post (which you can find here)–amid all the sludge, sometimes it can be hard to remember the good. While it’s important to remember our losses, it’s equally important to focus on the gains and strive to continue.

In the twilight hours of 2016, I’d like to invite you to look back and think not only of the bad, but pick out those shining moments that made the year complete.

First of all, I’d like to share this video, highlighting the scientific breakthroughs of the year (thank you to SciShow for putting this together, and to my friend for showing this to me in the first place.)

As for me, this is what I’m most proud of, and would like to emphasize to myself for this year:

  • My thesis committee gave me permission to begin writing my thesis, and will likely defend in early 2017.
  • I gave a poster presentation at ISSCR 2016 (International Society for Stem Cell Research)
    • Also, first time in San Francisco! It’s a pretty cool city (albeit rather pricey…)
  • Collaborated with a colleague to publish a scientific review.
  • 3 other scientific manuscripts in the works…hope to publish next year.
  • Visited my friend in Seattle, WA – first time in Seattle! Another amazing city.
  • Contributed guest violin performances on 3 tracks on Materia’s debut album
  • Joined the Materia Collective, a music group focused on passion for video game music
    • I contributed tracks to two collaborative albums
      • One track was a contribution to Multiplayer III: Wave, a charity album where all proceeds go to, an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to bring clean water and sanitation to the world.
      • The second track was a contribution to Tribute 64, a celebration of Nintendo 64’s 20th anniversary. The free album sports 87 tracks, and features the work and friendship of over 200 musicians from around the world.
  • I went to MAGFest for the first time with two of my closest friends, and sold almost all copies of my debut album, Synthetic Soul
    • This is where I met so many musicians who love the same music and games I do.
  • I started this blog!

And there we are…2016 in a nutshell. I hit up a few personal milestones. I’ve visited family (though not nearly as much as I’d have liked), seen old friends, and made new ones, and I am grateful and thankful for every one of them. They are the ones who have kept me motivated to continue my studies, and encouraged me to continue creating.

We got through the year together, and that is how we should face the challenges and celebrate the victories of 2017: together.


If you are so inclined, I’d like to invite you to share at least one (or several) moments that made 2016 great for you. I’d love to hear from you.

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