Announcement — My Blog is Moving!

Hi everyone!

For those who don’t know, I’ve decided to split my creative works under two different names.

Music will remain as IceRequiem, and you can still find all my music on Soundcloud, Youtube and my website under the name “IceRequiem.” I will continue to upload new music content to these sites. My twitter account will remain the same, and I will continue posting updates and communicating through that account.

However, for my blog and other writing endeavors, I’ve decided I will be continuing under my author name: Rachel M Brick. This will be the last post under the “IceRequiem” blog name, but no worries, I’ve exported ALL my content to the new blog: Everyone’s favorite posts and comments are preserved, AND, I even have a cool new logo header, courtesy of Yuuhiko.

If you’re interested in reading my blog entries about “Put the Sci in your Fi”, music, or random recipes, please head on over to and hit the follow button!

I’ll be posting an entry to the new blog tomorrow!

Thanks for being readers and hope to see you all there!




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